This package contains:


- A private online photo gallery with 10+ high resolution images of your debutante & family photographs which can be downloaded, shared & printed.

- A Family portrait sitting.


*There are no prints in this package.


Digital Download – Portrait Package

  • Please note: All photographs in the online gallery are 'set shots', consisting of:

    -  a full length portrait, head & shoulders portrait, 3/4 length portrait, sitting portrait & back of dress portrait for girls (gents have a jacket off portrait).

    A minimum of 10 different portraits of each student and two family portraits will be offered for download in the digital gallery.

    There are no allocated timeslots for family portraits, which will start after the debutante presentation, on a 'first-in' basis. 

  • Your online debutante photo gallery will be ready within 4 weeks of the event. You will be contacted via email with a private gallery link. Images can be viewed, shared & downloaded instantly from the gallery.