This package contains:


- A selection of loose prints in various sizes.

- A private online photo gallery with 10+ high resolution images of your debutante & family photographs which can be downloaded, shared & printed.

- A Family portrait sitting.



Print & Digital Package

  • Loose prints

    1x - 5x7" print. (Sitting portrait).

    1x- 5x7" print (family portrait).

    1x - 8x12" Debutante group print.

    1x - 8x12" portrait print. (full lenth portrait).

    1x - 8x10" print. (head & shoulders portrait).

    1x- 8x10" print (family portrait).

    5x - 6x4" prints. (set-shots).

    5x - 3.5x5" prints. (set-shots).


    Please note: Five 'set shots' will be taken by the photographer.  Consisting of - A full length portrait, head & shoulders portrait, 3/4 length standing portrait, sitting portrait & back of dress portrait for girls (gents have a jacket off portrait).

    A minimum of 10 different portraits of each student will be offered for download in the digital gallery. This package also includes family portraits after the debutante presentation.

    Family/friendship photos will occur after the debutante presentation on a 'first-in' basis.